5FTF recap for July 31st, 2020

⏲️ Time: < 1 min

A bit of a recap delay for July’s entry, but that’s okay.

The beat goes on the code goes too. The CPTUI-Extended evolution continued this month. There was some considerable pivot in the Gutenberg/React aspect because I wanted to get things working more than I wanted to handle the block a certain way. I had enough resources to copy and comprehend and the block is overall working like I need.

Next major steps are the continued edits to make sure that I can properly port over the shortcode registry and parsing, ideally without breaking a single customer site. Honestly probably the biggest worry/fear for me.

I also need to code up the locating and “importing” aspect that I want to provide so that people don’t need to re-create their own. Yes, I want to make it so shortcode settings are re-usable and configurable.

Onwards with progress!

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