Histories of the Internet

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2020 has been an interesting year and it will surely go down as one for the history books in way too many ways. At a personal level, I’ve realized that I’ve found a lot of interest in the history of what we call the internet, and how it all built and evolved and formed into what it is today.

There are more forerunners and pioneers and people who made history that we have completely forgotten, and in a lot of ways that’s a shame. These are people who did things that feel common and in no way a big deal in 2020, but when they were doing it, it was practically taboo.

That said, this isn’t a post to highlight anyone in particular, but more just to provide links to resources and documentaries that I have found and will be consuming their information, to enrich my own personal interests, and hopefully yours. As I find more, I hope to return and update this little curated list.




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