5FTF recap for March 27th, 2020

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Honestly this month was not super eventful for interesting work done. Part of my day job with WebDevStudios has been affording us time during the week to work through a list of Javascript and Gutenberg online learning courses.

Normally I had been doing that for a few hours every Friday. However, I decided to try and make as much of today a part of that as well. So with that, I finished up a notably long course on ReactJS, taught by Tyler McGinnis and then starting in on an introduction course on WordPress’ Gutenberg Block functionality by Zac Gordon

I must say I’m happy I’ve gone in the order I have, because getting the solid primer on React in general ahead of diving into Gutenberg specifics has been notably helpful thus far. I have to assume that it’s going to be like that going forward as well.

The milestone after finishing the provided courses list is making our own custom Gutenberg block. At the present moment, I don’t really have any great idea for something from complete scratch. However, I do know that I have a number of plugins that have shortcodes and widgets available that could potentially use a block as well. My first thoughts are my Untappd plugin

Alternatively, I know that Custom Post Type UI Extended is in drastic need for a Gutenberg block, but that topic requires a lot more scoping, planning, and coordination with my employers since it is a premium product that they own. Not something that I can necessarily hack away on in my own time and go “here, have this.”

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