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What would be your suggested apps for a Motorola Droid? I’m looking for general use, productivity in life, and web design/development in specific if possible. Let me know of your suggestions! I appreciate the help.

Michael is a seasoned developer who loves helping build stuff for the internet. He brings over a decade of varied experiences working with both front and back end developer stacks.

His primary focus has been WordPress and PHP and all the components that go along with them. During the day, he is a Support Engineer with WebDevStudios, helping clients get the best that they can out of their own websites.

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7 thoughts on “Dear Planet Fedora

  1. Nushio says:

    Hey Michael. I’m working on an Android app called Abugadro. (Info at )

    The app will let you access Google Codes, Launchpad and Bugzilla (Among other popular bugtracking interfaces)

    Its currently *almost* ready for an alpha version, and it will only include read-only support on Google Code, but I intend to work on Bugzilla read-only right after GoogleCode is done.

    I thought I’d give you a heads up, I’d gladly take a couple of testers once i’m satisfied with an ‘alpha’ version of the app.


  2. tw2113 says:

    Hmm, while I do appreciate the suggestion and comment, I can’t really claim to be that i depth of a developer for software that this would use. Hopefully someone else may be able to use it more though.

    Thanks nonetheless 🙂

  3. Nushio says:

    Well, I figued that since you are a Fedora user (Or at least one that’s posting on Planet Fedora, heh), that you *might* use Bugzilla, and since visiting Bugzilla from the phone is such a gigantic pain in the ass. I thought I might make that pain go away 😉

    Here’s the list of Apps I use on my phone:
    ACV (Comic Book Reader), Aldiko (eBook reader), APNdroid (Disables Data Access), Astrid (TODO List Manager), ASTRO, (File Browser, phone should include one)
    connectbot (SSH/Telnet made friendly), ebuddy (MSN/Yahoo/Other networks), exflashlight (Try it!) facebook, ftpserver (Turns phone into an FTP Server, amazing)

    Google Goggles, Sky Map, Translate
    netcounter (Counts Data Usage)
    titanium backup (Makes Backups easy)
    voice recorder


  4. Adam Miller says:

    ConnectBot is a must if you have any SSH needs…. I use this all the time, but as far as productivity goes I can’t say I’m highly productive on my phone other than reading emails.

    I also recommend that if you have any interest in rooting your device that you run CyanogenMod (I put together a guide here: And purchase the paid version of ROM Manager from the market once you’re on CyanogenMod because the money goes to one of the main developers of the Motorola Droid port of the CyanogenMod ROM

    Happy Droid’ing 🙂


    1. tw2113 says:

      Not sure how much I want to root it yet but I definitely have connectbot. Good suggestions and I’ll at least read how to do the rooting

  5. Kam says:

    For 2do lists and simple project tracking I use Astrid. Also, GDocs is good for editing simple documents that sync up to the “g” cloud. Both tools allow me to spend more time thinking ideas and documenting them simply.

    1. tw2113 says:

      I haven’t really bothered yet with Gdocs, but that’s just me. Lightly used Astrid already. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂

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