Well, I figued that since you are a Fedora user (Or at least one that’s posting on Planet Fedora, heh), that you *might* use Bugzilla, and since visiting Bugzilla from the phone is such a gigantic pain in the ass. I thought I might make that pain go away 😉

Here’s the list of Apps I use on my phone:
ACV (Comic Book Reader), Aldiko (eBook reader), APNdroid (Disables Data Access), Astrid (TODO List Manager), ASTRO, (File Browser, phone should include one)
connectbot (SSH/Telnet made friendly), ebuddy (MSN/Yahoo/Other networks), exflashlight (Try it!) facebook, ftpserver (Turns phone into an FTP Server, amazing)

Google Goggles, Sky Map, Translate
netcounter (Counts Data Usage)
titanium backup (Makes Backups easy)
voice recorder