Insane in the Maintainn

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A little over two weeks ago, a change in position within WebDevStudios was proposed to me, and I agreed to go with it. Effective March 9th, 2015, I was making lateral move within the company and moving over to Team Maintainn™. Thanks to years of experience debugging and troubleshooting issues for users using our company plugins as well as BadgeOS and AppPresser, they knew I’d be a good fit for our official maintenance/upkeep team.

With this change, I will be on the front lines helping Maintainn’s existing customer base who purchase monthly time for professionals to keep their site backed up and up-to-date, as well as make modifications or fix bugs as they appear. In time, I will also be pulled in to help with sites that WebDevStudios have done for their clients, who want continued support after their site has been launched.

If you are curious about Maintainn and more details about exactly what they provide, please visit their website at and check out the recent posting on their news section at Why Use Maintainn for WordPress Support Services.

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