Custom Searches for WordPress and Web Development

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These are the custom searches that I have that help me with my web development, whether it be WordPress or in general. Feel free to use and add your own in the comments area or via twitter. Just send them to @tw2113 and I can retweet for you. Click the links to automatically add them to your own custom search list.{query}

WordPress Plugins{query}

WordPress PHPXref{query}.html

WordPress Trac{query}

WordPress Trac Ticket{query}

jQuery API{query}*{query}

*changed to Kailey’s url string.

Mozilla Developer Network{query}



w3c Spec via Google{query}

Smashing Magazine{query}&sa=&cx=partner-pub-6779860845561969%3A5884617103&cof=FORID%3A10&ie=UTF-8

New Ones From Kailey Lampert in the comments theme search{query} function lookup{query}

2 thoughts on “ Custom Searches for WordPress and Web Development

  1. Over time, doing a Google ‘site’ search to search Trac gets a lot better results. Here’s the string I use for that:{query}

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