The plugin idea garden

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So, last year, I posted A request for WordPress plugin ideas and it got picked up on WPCandy. This resulted in a flood of unanticipated feedback and ideas, and I have to admit, I haven’t touched a single one of them. There always seems to be other things needing done or bills to pay and all of these just slipped through the cracks. However, I decided that instead of sitting on them in a text file in Dropbox, I should just get them somewhat organized and posted cohesively somewhere.

Thus, I created Plugins Idea Garden. There you’ll find all of the ones I have, and links to the commenter that gave it, in case you want to try and contact them. However, I can’t guarantee they all left a way to get ahold of. If that’s the case, then feel free to write the plugin and post it into the repo. Maybe they’ll find it there someday.

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