Entering 2012, What I want to do

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This is an evolving list I’m sure, but I just wanted to get the initial one out the door. Feel free to add suggestions in the

  • Move myself up to a more competitive position in rates
  • Better understand Javascript and jQuery
  • get my finances to a point of stability and being able to afford the same perks that an traditional employer offers
  • Vote in the South Dakota Primary Elections this summer, for the only candidate worth their weight in gold.
  • Get at least three patches into the core code for WordPress
  • Help make top-notch documentation for WordPress in their theme/plugin development areas of the Codex
  • Help make top-notch documentation for the Mozilla Developer Network
  • Locally network more and meet new people, both personally and professionally.
  • Launch Hand.Writtentweets, my too long touted idea.
  • Get this site here on an original design
  • Drop support for IE7 in my freelance work
  • Meet at least one of the WordPress Core committers
  • Attend a big-time WordCamp

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