The “Do You Think You Know” interviews

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As I think it’s apparent, I have lost a bit of steam with this topic. It just happened. Part of a driving force for it was filling up time at my old job. Since then, I have managed to get a new job as a developer for a local company. It’s still my first week but I’m very much enjoying it and am happy thus far.

I do plan to finish out my list of interviewees, but I just can’t promise when exactly the posts will be up. I am still waiting on the answers for Máirín Duffy and have Sneh and Nikki after that. I have some questions already for Sneh but not my usual fifteen.

Hopefully soon we can resume the flow and hopefully they live up to the rest from the series. I’m just in the middle of a lot of transition and people can tend to be busy. Stick with me folks!

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