Do You Think You Know Amy Crook?

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Yeah, you’ll learn a bit about Amy below. What started out as a freelance job ended up being a new friendship for Amy and I. I feel lucky to know her and sadly can’t get you to know her as well as I do. Nonetheless, lets get this going!

Could you please list your name and occupation for those who do not know you?

Amy Crook: I’m Amy Crook, an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer.

What would some songs be on a soundtrack to you taking over the world?


  • “Brand New Day” from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
  • “The Internet is for Porn” from Avenue Q
  • “Dressed in Black” by Depeche Mode
  • “Hysteria” by Def Leppard. Or, really, anything they play during an episode of Supernatural.
  • “She Blinded Me With Science” by Thomas Dolby

Preferred medium to work with in traditional arts?

Amy: I like oil paints a lot, but I’m also a big fan of pencil, pen & ink, and Copic markers. I’m learning to use gouche and watercolors to good effect, too, but there’s just something I really love about oils, they’re so buttery and substantial.

I know first hand that you are forming yourself a gathering of minions to do all of your biddings…I happen to be one of them. The guys/gals asked me to ask you what color our uniforms are going to be and when they’re supposed to show up. Any info? We hate working naked right now.

Amy: I forget that the new minions aren’t getting orientation anymore, since we were losing so many to demonstration of the evil lair traps. You can wear these: Monkey Minion Cafepress Teeshirt

Do you ever get the urge to go crazy with finger paint?

Amy: Naah, finger paints are too low quality. But I have been known to smear oils around with my fingers (it’s a bitch to get them out from under my fingernails afterward, though).

There are rumors floating around the intertubes that you’re in cahoots to overthrow the twitterholic meeting leader. If this is true, who are some of the people from twitter you’d consider to appoint as assistants?

Amy: I think would rise up and overthrow me immediately just on the basis of unworthiness, not to mention & .

If you could end any internet meme right now, which would it be and why?

Amy: If there’s one thing I’ve learned about internet memes, it’s that they’re fleeting and will die out on their own without me having to lift a finger.

Any wise words from wise people you know?

Amy: I dunno, just go read ‘s entire blog, and everything from .

Bluebeard the Pirate and Unknown Ninja are both running for the same political chair in Washington DC. Which candidate would you vote for?

Amy: Well, since I don’t live in DC, I’m spared this difficult decision. Now, if it was Captain Jack Sparrow the Pirate, I might move just to vote for him…

What font really curls your nails and drives you batty every time you see it?

Amy: It’s not a specific font that bothers me, but seeing fonts used in weird and inappropriate places. That’s why everyone hates Comic Sans so much, it’s just been crazy overused in every possible way. Business correspondence should never, ever use Curlz, just step away from the Fonts menu.

When birds stand on power lines and don’t get hurt, it’s most likely because of:

  • good tim­ing, they only land between calls
  • body mate­ri­als that are insu­lated from current
  • not touch­ing any­thing else at the same time
  • they do get hurt, they just express it poorly

Amy: It’s because they’re not touching anything else at the same time, and their bodies are less conductive than the wire. Path of least resistance and all that, kind of like me agreeing to do the interview right away rather than listening to you wheedle about it for weeks first.

Have you noticed any stereotypes about people in your field that just make you giggle?

Amy: I think the “any kid in his basement could do it” one is the one that’s the silliest. I mean, have you seen MySpace? That’s what kids in their basement do to the web, and nobody wants more of that.

I know you have your gripes with CSS and how it handles things at times. Does anything in CSS3 sound like it’s going to make you happier or do you think it’s going to cause even more hair pulling?

Amy: Both, I’m sure. But I don’t pull my hair, I just take it out on my minions!

Pretend for a moment that you’re an iphone. What sort of self improvements would you want to make to yourself to make you a better device?

Amy: I’d like an option to use a stylus of some kind for more precise functionality, sometimes it’s hard to hit that exact right spot with a bit fat fingertip. And I’d love a Scrivener App, though as much for iPad as iPhone there. A lot of the other improvements I’d want are coming in OS4, though I’d love a Y!M app that didn’t blow goats. Sadly, all Y!M apps for all Apple products throughout history have blown goats, so I think I’m doomed there.

Any last remarks?

Amy: You really need to get out more.

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