Top 5 Reasons For A Brand Redesign

⏲️ Time: < 1 min

Here it is in all its 5 long glory in reverse order.

  • We received an @reply about it saying the current one sucked
  • Lost all of the source files for all branding elements
  • There’s a new Adobe CS release soon and we want to incorporate the new features
  • Weird Al did a parody and business didn’t increase
  • Our partners think our logos are too small and scale badly

Honorable mention:

  • Because Paul Rand hasn’t rolled over in his grave enough

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons For A Brand Redesign

  1. Sources… how about never ever had any sources for the logo? A few times I traced JPEGs in Inkscape to get something editable.

    And here is another one I encountered: because I can see the pixels in half of your logo and blur in the other half. Doing logos with MS Paint is not the brightest idea.

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